Ilenia Bianchi, University of Florence

Ilenia Bianchi is a PhD Student in Legal Medicine at the University of Macerata, Postgraduate students in Orthodontics Specialization Course at the University of Brescia, Tutor Master Course in Forensic Odontology and Research fellow in Legal Medicine at the University of Florence.
In 2018, Doctor Bianchi has completed the Degree in Dentistry cum laude at the University of Florence. In 2019, she has completed a second level Master's Degree in Forensic Odontology cum laude at the University of Florence.
Since 2019 she has served as Expert witness for criminal and Civil Courts and has collaborated with the Institute of Legal Medicine of Florence in the forensic activity of all cases requiring personal identification, bitemarks identification, age identification and ante-mortem data collection.
Since 2022, doctor Bianchi is Lecturer in Bioethics at the University of Florence. In 2022 she was Lecturer at the Postgraduate Specialization Course in Forensic Odontology at the University of Lisbon.
Doctor Bianchi serves as reviewer for several international journals and has published several papers dealing with dental ID, age estimation, dental DNA in post-mortem interval evaluation, professional liability of the dentist. She lectures nationally and internationally. 


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